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Whether you perfer phone, tablet or computer, Pivot works on the web and across all your iOS and Android devices.

What Makes Pivot Sports So Different?

Two years after being named the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox, Theo Epstein won two World Series after an 86 year drought. Epstein then became President of the Chicago Cubs and won another World Series five years later after 108 unsuccessful seasons. How did Epstein turn these teams around? Analytics. Coaches who want to win championships will use the competitive edge of analytics.

We know how hard it is to win championships. While all teams want to succeed, many basketball organizations still rely on outdated methods to compete. Clipboards and paper are a thing of the past and some basketball apps don’t provide in-depth analysis that coaches and players need to win.

That’s where the Pivot Basketball App can help you win more games and championships. Coaches and players all across the world have said their teams thrive when using Pivot. By downloading the App, you will: 1. Stat games with ease using an iPhone or iPad, 2. Understand your team’s behavioral biases through our advanced modules, and 3. Empower you to make decisions to win games and championships.

A coach using the Pivot Basketball App said, “Best stat app out there! ... For the first time I feel like I’m making data driven decisions thanks to this app.” We love hearing success stories like this and can’t wait to hear about your experience. Coaches, players, fans, parents, booster clubs, and the community will love to results.

We are offering access to the latest version of the Pivot Basketball App absolutely free. Download the App from the iTunes store and begin to experience the benefits of analytics made easy. We can’t wait to hear your success stories and watch your team win. Don’t delay any longer. Download the App today!

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Lineup Analysis

Pivot helps coaches and players identify the best lineups and rotations on your team. Because every lineup brings different strengths, our tools highlight which rotation will give you the best opportunity to win.

How Do I Get Started?

Whether you perfer phone, tablet or computer, Pivot works across all your iOS devices.


What are people saying about Pivot Sports?

Why Should Pivot Be On Your Team?

1. Gain an edge on the competition
2. Understand your team better
3. Lineup Analysis, Tempo Analysis, Turnover Analysis and more
4. Real-time dashboard to make adjustments during the game
5. Understand your strengths and weaknesses
6. Easy to plan what drills will be most important for practice
7. Make informed decisions to win


How do I get a Team Pass?

1. Login to the app
2. Click on "Settings" in the lower right hand corner of the screen
3. Click on "Upgrade to Team Pass"
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